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Great Jar Pumpkin Craft! October 25, 2010

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Monday, October 25, 2010

I’m going to be taking a week to reorganize my blog. I’ve decided to switch names and blog carriers so I’ll be coming back with everything new. I’ll make sure to post on here what my new URL is so that you can easily find me. I’m excited about this change and I think it will make my blog easier to follow and navigate. Thanks for your patience with me this week and I’ll be back soon!

Aren’t these cute?! I got the idea for these from Emily over at Not So Idle Hands. She has a ton of other great Halloween craft ideas as well.

We have joint custody of Aubree so we had her for the second half of her Fall Break. I knew before I picked her up that we didn’t have a ton of extra money to entertain her with things like shopping, movies and stuff that she likes to do. I decided that we could have fun around the house doing some baking and crafts together. I mixed that with some Grandma time and some friends coming over she had a great Fall Break.

You will need some clean empty jars, orange tissue paper (Walmart for $1), Mod Podge, small paint or sponge brushes, green paint and black paper. We didn’t have a ton of jars laying around so we asked for some on and a wonderful woman gave us her extra ones.

Doing small sections at a time we painted the Mod Podge on the outside of the jar and used 1″ to 1.5″ strips of the tissue paper and smoothed them out over the Mod Podge. We ended up overlapping the tissue a little.

I love the imperfections and character that come with homemade craft items so I told Aubree not to stress when she got some tears in the tissue paper or couldn’t get all the wrinkles out.

We waited patiently for them to dry 🙂

We painted the top rim of the jar green and cut faces out of black paper and glued them on.
We started out with seven of them and now have five left. Aubree wanted to give one to Grandma and we filled one with candy corn and gave it to her teacher.
I used to always make it a point to go out shopping after every holiday and buy clearance decorations to save for the next year. I’m learning that instead of buying cheap items that will break quickly I would rather spend the time making inexpensive homemade items that will last from year to year. Not that I won’t check out the clearance items anymore 🙂

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