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Great Grandma’s Trunk November 2, 2010

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Do you have anything in your home/life that means a lot to you for one reason or another?  I love family heirlooms and things that have a history to them.  It is natural for me to have collected quite a few of them over the years from both sides of my family as well as some from my husbands side of the family.  I love that Cha Cha over at Sit Relax and Read has started Sentimental Sundays because it has given me a chance to look around the house and think about the things that mean a lot to me.  The first thing that came to mind is this old trunk that my Grandma (maternal side) gave me.  I have always loved big old trunks and have always drooled over them in the antique stores and had my heart set on buying one someday.  My mom mentioned this in passing to my Grandma when she was visiting her in Oregon and my Grandma told my mom that she had one out in her garage or shed that was just sitting there and that I could have it if I could get it up to Alaska (my home at the time).  I did some fancy coordinating and got this wonderful trunk sight unseen by me and I love it!  I love that it is beautiful and has history but I love even more that the history is part of me and from my family.  It is gorgeous and to top it all off, it had some wonderful treasures inside that I get to share with you in the future. 

I don’t know who put this picture in the lid of the trunk or who it is but I love it!  Iwill never remove it because it is part of the character of the trunk and it is fun to use my imagination and make up a story to go along with it. 

I hope everyone is making it a great week!


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