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BOO Banner October 25, 2010

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

So I’ve been planning on making one of these pendant banners for a while now and just haven’t gotten around to it:) Luckily for me when I went to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) a few weeks ago they had one all ready and organized for us to do together. They had all the burlap fabric cut and ready for us to craft. Each triangle is 10″ long from top to tip and is 9″ across the top. We had different stencils for the lettering to choose from and some black paint. I ended up talking with the other moms for to long and didn’t get to finish my banner at MOPS. All I was able to do was paint the lettering on but it made for a fun project to finish during HB’s nap time.

The amazing MOPS leadership team provided us with a piece of twine and I used my hot glue gun to fold over the top edge to attach the pendant to the twine (make sure to keep an eye on the order of your letters. One mom ended up with “OOB” instead of Boo :))

Because I already had the hot glue gun out I decided to dress up my banner and add a cute little flower. I originally got the tutorial for this type of fabric rose from Vanessa over at V and Co who by the way has a ton of AMAZING tutorials.

The rose that Vanessa makes in the tutorial is for a ring but I wanted to make this one a little bit bigger. I took a 1″ by 15″ piece of fabric and fold one end in half and glue it and then fold it again and glue it.

Start to twist your fabric around the folded and glued end and keep going around gluing as you go to keep it all in place.

Vanessa’s instructions and pictures are more detailed but you end up with this adorable little fabric flower

I used a stamping technique that I do on all the cards I make and added some black paint to the edges of the pendants to give it a little more for the eye.

Here is the finished project!
I tried hanging it in different areas and it ended up in my entry way on my newish burn orange curtains that I LOVE!
I have purchased a ton of burlap so far this year so even if I had gotten the fabric on my own this would have been an easy inexpensive project. I might take some burlap that I already have and make another one that says “FALL” or “THANKFUL” or something that I can keep up through Thanksgiving.

TP Pumpkins

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Aren’t these cute! I have always wanted to make these and this is the first year I’ve gotten around to it.

These super easy and inexpensive pumpkins are actually called TP (toilet paper) pumpkins. I have seen these done with several variations but my favorite tutorial is from Alisa over at The Sweet Life. I actually did these on a day when Aubree had a half day from school and one of her little girlfriends came over. The girls wanted to help, so two of these are their handiwork. I am in a burlap fetish right now so I’m going to get some more burlap to make a couple more because I think the stairs look a little empty with these three.

Happy crafting!